I'm a composer, collaborator, and multi-instrumentalist. My work as an organizer of notes started as a songwriter in my youth where most of my writing was collaborative and done on the guitar - although I did enjoy writing out the chords and trying to decipher how the melody fit.  I didn't truly start 'writing music' until college where I unlocked some of the mystery within music, opening to the possibilities that lay just outside the box of what I thought I knew.  

Since then I have scored a number of short/feature films, documentaries, movie trailers, composed short themes for TV shows, and am the co-founder of Abiding Harmony; writing inspired music for weddings and other special occasions.  In the realm of "music for others" my goal is to serve the client or project and be as open minded to their vision as possible. Usually free to add my own voice yet bound by certain limitations, the challenge is always exhilarating. 

When working on personal projects with no restriction my process typically starts at the piano with a pencil and paper. I work from a mind-space of motif, development and structure, but often find myself a drift in musical arenas I can't really explain. As much as I try to plan and arrange ideas ahead of time I do my best to not stand in the way of musical momentum.


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